This quarantine has changed everything. Many people have started doing things they have never been expecting from themselves. I am not an exclusion: this situation gave me time to systematise my piano experience and to start a piano blog about the efficiency of piano playing. From basics to the interpretational issues.

Warmly welcome!


New Music Video

Back in the mid February when I have got the idea and have filmed this video I could not imagine that it would be so actual with the current cities lock down…

A Promo Video about my new project which will be premiered in Frankfurt on March 6, 2020.

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Some fresh critic in the Luzerner Zeitung after our performance of the Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy in KKL, Luzern.

“The piano part was performed by a young and surprising pianist Denis Zhdanov. He graduates with his Master Solo Diploma at the Hochschule Luzern this year, he has already won various prizes and played with Madrid Symphony and Helsinki Radio Symphony among others.
He brought a corresponding self-confidence to the Fantasy. The Ukrainian plays a modern Beethoven, creating nearly a film music piece from a virtuoso firework. While his playing is being dramatic in the expression, sometimes slightly tough but very clear and distinct by structure, he gives this piece a very special and fascinating character. The orchestra stays here at a more “traditional” side. The public treats the excellent ensemble of the choir and soloists with a long lasting applause at the end.”

Playing in the homeland is always exciting, and I am happy to announce my upcoming concerts in Ukraine:

🎼 11.05.19 Kharkiv National University of Arts⠀
🎼 13.05.19 Kyiv Lysenko Special Music School ⠀
🎼 15.05.19 Sumy Music College⠀
🎼 18.05.19 Chernihiv Philharmony⠀

The focus of the program will be on works from the most distant periods of the piano repertoire: Renaissance and Postavanguard.

You are warmly welcome!

Are you able to predict turns of the musical line, listening to a piece you have never heard before?
This famous Fantasy of C.P.E. Bach is one of the most unpredictable and improvisation-like pieces of its time.

American musicologist Richard Kramer reasonably writes that a performer playing such music “must then convince us that we are hearing not the player in mask but rather a beating heart of music and it’s living soul”.

It was composed by Bach in a solid age, nearly during the last year of his life and in this piece I see the whole spectrum of thoughts and emotions one may have at the end of his life journey.
Fear? Acceptance? Regret? Nostalgia? You decide.

Dear friends and sincere music lovers,

After an incredibly long break I am glad to announce that I am back! A lot of exciting things are going to be published in the close future – stay tuned!