Bach Marathon

I would like thank to the organizers and audience of the incredible Bach Marathon that took place in Lviv,     Ukraine  on March 21, 2015!    It was an unbelievable experience for me and I am very happy and proud to have taken part in this glorious celebration of the eternal music of  J.S. Bach performing Sonatas for violin & keyboard with my friend and great colleague I. Zavgorodniy (center on the photo)!

In addition to the artistic importance this event achieved a national record of the largest amount of performances of Bach’s music in consecutive 24 hours (more than 30 hours in total, taking place at three different halls of Lviv simultaneously).

Special thanks  to  I. Ostapovych (left on the photo) and I. Pryshlyak, who have undertaken a significant amount of organizational work.

Have a wonderful day everyone!