Prokofiev’s Toccata has a very aggressive technology-inspired musical language that was heavily criticised by traditionally oriented composers at that time.

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Every time I play this piece I remember a story “The Mangler” by Stephen King about a wash machine that has become possessed by a demon and started killing people. I think that this story that is a mix of horror and absurdity that makes it rather funny, is a perfect match with this piece.

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Schubert Recital, Zürich

Another upcoming concert announcement:


The program that features an exiting travel through the musical worlds of Schubert. An existential question posed in the Impromptu in F Minor op.142/1, an exciting but highly challenging journey in order to find the answer via the Wanderer-Fantasie op.15, and finally the sounding silence, wisdom and contemplation of the Sonata “Fantasie” in G Major D.894

Finally after 4(!) corona-driven postpones we hope to be able to present this extraordinary music!  The film version recording & YouTube release is also scheduled, stay tuned not to miss it!

This is a very interesting topic that even many professional musicians don’t actually know about. But knowing the difference might help you to built a more convincing interpretation!


This quarantine has changed everything. Many people have started doing things they have never been expecting from themselves. I am not an exclusion: this situation gave me time to systematise my piano experience and to start a piano blog about the efficiency of piano playing. From basics to the interpretational issues.

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New Music Video

Back in the mid February when I have got the idea and have filmed this video I could not imagine that it would be so actual with the current cities lock down…